Understanding God

I can’t tell you what God is, I doubt the human brain has the mental capacity to fully comprehend all that God is, or even enough to attempt to concieve more than a partial depiction.  But I do know a little, and I know that God is good.  After all, where do you think the word “good” comes from?  While we’re at it, where did the word “devil” come from?

As you can see in the two collumns to the right, the word “God” is opposite the word “devil” in every way.  “God” is capitolized, “devil” is not.  Gramatically the word “God” requires no article, while “devil” does, as in “God is good and the devil is evil”.  The opposite of good is evil.  Do you think this is all just a coincidence?


G – o – d

One vowel, even number of consonants;

duplicate the vowel and keep in the middle; “good” is a word.


God is good


d – e – v – i – l

Two vowels, odd number of consonants;

 subtract a consonant from the end;

“devi” is not a word but evil is.


The devil is evil.

To be good in your thoughts and actions is to be in accordance with God. To think or commit evil is to oppose God.  Therefore be good, for the love of God.

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