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The Universal City Social Club

Remember back in high school how we used to associate in our own little groups?  There were four such groups or cliques in my high school.  The jocks were student athletes.  The ropers were into rodeo and agriculture.  The rebels weren’t in to anything much except fun and defiance, and the independants, who pretty much kept to themselves.   Though we had our different perspectives on life, we all seemed to get along just fine for the most part, except for a relativley small and seperate fifth group; or fifth column if you will, “the socials.”

The socials were kids from the better families, so called.  They lived in nicer homes, they wore the best of clothes and often had money but didn’t work after-school jobs.  They were treated better by the school faculty and portrayed the image of model teenagers.  The socials did not interact with the rest of us, nor were they welcome.  You see, the socials shared a trait amongst themselves that the majority of students disfavored; they were snobs.

Do the socials still exist?  Is there a loosely organized group of sanctimonious authoritarians who assume it is in their prerogative to decide what is best for the rest of us?  If so, would they have an agenda?  I was recently asked at a city council meeting, “Richard, do you know who runs the City Council?”  This was not from someone unfamiliar with municipal government, the question is valid.


Just for argument sake, suppose there is a social clique in Universal City, an “insiders” group if you will.  Suppose this insiders group and all their friends form a voting bloc 600 strong. This relatively small group, representing only 3% of the population would effectively control who does and doesn’t get on the City Council because on average, voter turn out in May is around 1200.  If this is the case, do you think this group would have any sway on at least some of our council members?  I’m just asking the question, you decide.

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