As your Councilman, my priorities will include more appropriate allocation of tax revenue, promoting residential tranquility, and working towards a more forthright and open city government.

The golf course (and event center) was supposed to make money and provide additional revenue for the city; that’s how it was promoted so many years ago when the project was put before the voters.  It’s never turned a profit however, and instead has cost the taxpayers over $17 million and counting.  I heard somewhere that necessity is the mother of invention; once the bonds are finally paid off, all public funding of the golf course and event center should be discontinued.  If then the golf course is unable to cover it’s overhead, a change in direction will be warranted, and I will work with everyone concerned to explore profitable alternatives.

In addition,

We have too many permit requirements, and city inspectors who aren’t quite up to the task.  Permits for owner occupied dwellings should only be required where safety is truly a valid concern.  This would not include fence repair, roof repair, basic home repairs, etc.  And when safety is an issue, such as with wiring or gas lines, the inspector should be an expert in the field; such as a Master Electrician, Master Plumber, or Master HVAC Technician.  These inspections could be sub-contracted out to semi-retired experts who have seen it all and know what to look for.  That would be worth the permit fee.  It’s my position that if there’s no need to bring in an expert, no permit should be required.


There is a time and a place for withholding information; and 24/7, our City Government isn’t one of them.  FOIA requests should be for researching needed documents, not for finding out what the city is doing behind our back.  Granted, I’ve never been on the Council, but I can’t think of a single virtuous reason for closed door executive sessions.  The city should not have an unfair advantage over the free market, and private quorums should not be allowed.  I will do all I can to end this practice unless and until I am satisfied that it’s an honest and above-board essential.

Speaking of which,

I would like to see the Agenda for each council session published within 72 hrs after each and every session, not 72 hrs before.  The public should get at least a week to learn of and research agenda items, giving those concerned ample time to express thier views with their preferred representatives prior to quorum assembly.

Richard Edwards

Over the years, we’ve all made mistakes, our City Council is no exception; but mistakes aren’t always bad, if we learn from them.  Through reflection and wisdom we can transition past errors into constructive experience.  I don’t want to remake our city, I want to preserve and improve what we already have.  Cities are created to serve the people… and should be obliged to do so.

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